Artist Statement & Profile

I am passionate about the Irish landscape. I immerse myself in the land through constant art making and my daily ritual of swimming at daybreak in the ocean. Cycling off the beaten track, and hikes with my dog all help generate the creative energy vital to sustaining my work.

Being out in all weathers and all seasons creating rain-works, paintings, photographs and videos, brings freshness and immediacy to my work - an elemental energy.

There is a deep femininity, a strong sense of the female form in Irish landscapes. This is most apparent in the Burren region, an area in which I have spent at least four summers. The limestone hills and rock platforms of the Burren are a constant source of inspiration. Much of my work explores the pervading sense of the feminine; the rhythms, colours, forms and textures of the land offer a wealth of creative material.

Two particular locations in the Burren – Corcomroe Abbey in 2011 and Gleninagh Pier in 2010, have been important in my recent work. Early morning shadows in the Abbey provided material for photography and videos, while Gleninagh Pier inspired me to research the Merrows – mythical female sea creatures who came to the land. Their story formed the basis of a video piece that explored the story of a Merrow's cloak and its power to transform.

The discipline of drawing, of close observation, is important to me and fundamental to my en plein air art practice. For the past two years, I have attended the Thursday Life Drawing Group, at the RHA, (Royal Hibernian Academy) Dublin.

In April 2012, I have my first solo exhibition in Victoria, Australia. Following that, I hope to show in Ireland all the work completed in the Burren over past three years.

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